A Legend’s Legacy of Pioneering Leadership, Transformational Change and Trailblazing for Women and Future Generations

A Legend’s Legacy of Pioneering Leadership, Transformational Change and Trailblazing for Women and Future Generations

In Canada’s impressive landscape of female entrepreneurs, where numerous women shine, Kristi Hines has made her mark. Showcasing an unwavering dedication to providing exceptional healthcare services, community support and a resolute determination to lead as an inspiration, she embodies what it means to lead “Like a Legend.” Kristi stands shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow female entrepreneurs and empowers individuals with their opportunity to make positive change—the same way she has. Her journey to success with Hines Health Services (HHS ) has been defined by her willingness to defy norms and a legacy that showcases that regardless of humble origins, a commitment to local impact can resonate on a national scale.

This is the story of an inspirational woman who built a values-based organization that is constantly innovating to diversify services as the world needs them and pushes the limits of even its own goals.

Hines Health Services: A Story of Growth

Kristi Hines, a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Alberta, founded HHS in 2012. Illustrating a compelling narrative of scalability, this organization grounded in professionalism, integrity, collaboration and community, has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its team from 20 members to over 250 dedicated employees. HHS secured municipal, provincial and federal government contracts, established a national network and earned accolades that are testament to Kristi’s entrepreneurial prowess, including:

  • Small Business of the Year by the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce (2017).
  • Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce’s Gold Award for Professional Services (2018).

Pioneering the Path: Visionary Leadership Empowering Female Entrepreneurs and Shaping Future Generations

The success of HHS can be attributed to the innovative leadership of Kristi, who creates an environment for her employees to grow, thrive and excel. Through turbulent times, including the Fort McMurray fires, economic challenges in Alberta and the global pandemic, Kristi has continued to build a growth-oriented business. Her commitment to bridging gaps in the market, providing superior services and fostering a customer-oriented approach has consistently affirmed her as a game-changer in the healthcare sector and a trailblazer for future generations.

Woven into the fabric of her business is a profound belief in the power of youth and the cultivation of the next generation of leaders and healthcare professionals. Collaborating with Careers Next Generation, HHS has opened its doors to ambitious interns, providing them with invaluable hands-on experience and new possibilities within the healthcare and occupational health industries.

As a leader, Kristi’s approach is pivotal in empowering women, fostering entrepreneurship and opportunity, as well as recognizing the significance of flexibility in achieving professional success. Kristi has dedicated her time to building a diverse and balanced team, exemplified through innovative work schedules built to be particularly accommodating to working mothers. As a mother herself, Kristi recognized the need for a self-schedule model to support the demands of motherhood and the pursuit of a meaningful, fulfilling career.

Kristi’s leadership has earned notable accolades, including:

  • ACC Alberta Business Awards of Distinction for Woman Entrepreneurship (2019).
  • Women of Inspiration by Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta and Syncrude Canada

A Powerful Commitment to Community and Excellence

Beyond the professional, Kristi remains deeply committed to community service. As the first Vice Chair of the Alberta Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee, Director of Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo Economic Development & Tourism, and Past Chair of the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce, she actively contributes to shaping the economic landscape of her community. Kristi also provides mentorship to nursing students and offers practicum placements to aspiring healthcare professionals from Keyano College and the University of Alberta. Her dedication extends to provincial initiatives as well. Appointed to the Government of Alberta’s Supporting Working Parents Advisory Group, she plays a vital role in considering short and long-term initiatives to ensure parents, particularly women, can actively participate in Alberta’s economic recovery. In recognition of her outstanding contributions to both her community and the province, Kristi was honoured with the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee award.

In addition to her immediate community in Fort McMurray, Kristi has extended her commitment to her fellow female entrepreneurs. HHS’ foundation was built on strong personal and professional relationships, coupled with organic strategic partnerships cultivated by Kristi.
This has not only cemented her standing as a dependable businesswoman, but has also showcased her commitment to a lasting positive influence for women in leadership roles. Her proactive approach is evident in her enthusiasm to engage with fellow women entrepreneurs, furthering her contribution to enriching support networks and collaboration within the female entrepreneurial community.

For Kristi, this community that has expanded even further thanks to the valuable network of Compass Rose Entrepreneurs that she has connected with through the events surrounding her win as one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women. Being linked to the other legendary women who are making impacts in their communities and defying convention has only opened more doors to new opportunities and inspired Kristi to continue to build on the momentum that these new relationships will bring.

Kristi Hines emerges as a shining example of a transformational figure embodying leadership, resilience and community commitment. Her story goes beyond business success; it is a narrative of empowerment, innovation and true desire to make a positive difference. As Kristi takes her place among Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Award winners, her journey serves as an inspiration, encouraging others to break norms, defy conventions and leave a lasting impression—just like a legend.

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