Legalization of Cannabis What You Need to Know

Legalization of Cannabis What You Need to Know

On October 17, 2018, recreational cannabis will be legal in Canada. In preparation, businesses have diligently updated their Alcohol and Drug (A&D) Policies and educate employees about the potential impacts of cannabis use on their health and safety. There is a...
Canada 2020 55+ Games

Canada 2020 55+ Games

We are thrilled to announce that HHS Founder and Director Kristi Hines has been appointed Chair of the Board of the Canada 2020 55+ Games / Jeux Du Canada 55+ Proposal Committee! Would you like to see the Canada 55+ Games hosted in our region? #2020Games #Alberta #ymm...

Honorary Recognition from RCMP

Our Founder and Director, Kristi Hines, Receives a Certificate of Appreciation from the Wood Buffalo RCMP Detachment “Please accept this letter of appreciation for the outstanding service you have provided to the Wood Buffalo RCMP. We truly appreciate the time you...

Fitness for Duty Policy

  Hines Health Services has renamed their Alcohol & Drug Policy; it will now be referred to as Fitness for Duty Policy. Why? Employees have a responsibility to be fit for duty, irrespective of what the cause of impairment is, whether it be alcohol, drugs, or...

Hines Health Services Places Highest Bid

Kristi Pinkney-Hines placed the highest bid on behalf of Hines Health Services – $8,500 – winning Thiess/KMC’s “Out of the Woods” tree at this year’s Festival of Trees Gala presented by Syncrude Canada...

Bill C-45: What This Legislation Means for Employers

Employers will still have the right to set rules for non-medical use of marijuana in the workplace in much the same way that employers currently set rules for use of alcohol. Employers may still prohibit the use of marijuana at work or during working hours and may...
Hines Health Services Named 2017 Small Business of the Year

Hines Health Services Named 2017 Small Business of the Year

The Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce named Hines Health Services the 2017 Small Business of the year at its yearly awards show. Here’s what Kristi Pinkney-Hines, founder and director of Hines Health Services, had to say about the prestigious acknowledgement:...
Marijuana in the Workplace: Kristi Speaks at Cold Lake Event

Marijuana in the Workplace: Kristi Speaks at Cold Lake Event

Following her speech at the September meeting of the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce, Kristi is set to speak again at Cold Lake, on the same topic: marijuana in the workplace. Here’s a handy graphic with all the details: If you’re in the area, feel free...

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