COVID-19 Services

Safety starts with a new hire health assessment

Hines Health offers an array of services to address COVID-19 to help you and your organization combat the COVID-19 pandemic. With employee health and safety at the forefront, Hines Health provides flexible COVID-19 services at our clinic and at your workplace to meet your needs as an employer.

  • PCR Testing

    • Lab-based molecular testing that is highly accurate to diagnose active coronavirus infection
    • Testing is done by throat swab or nasopharyngeal swab
    • Current method of testing used by provincial health authorities and is recognized across Canada for symptomatic, close contact and outbreak testing situations

  • Asymptomatic Rapid Antigen Screening

    • Rapid point-of-care tests (POCT) that detects specific proteins from the COVID-19 virus to screen for active infection
    • Generates results within 15 minutes
    • Testing is done by nasal swab
    • Used for asymptomatic screening – ideal for mass screening of large groups and workplaces

  • POCT COVID-19 Antibody Screening

    • Detects antibodies produced in response to recent or previous COVID-19 infection and immunization
    • Generates results within 10 minutes
    • Testing is done by fingertip blood sample
    • Used for surveillance of infection with COVID-19 in specific populations

  • COVID-19 Isolation Medical Services

    • Provides Health Care Professional monitoring and medical services to individuals awaiting COVID-19 test results and to individuals who are COVID-19 positive
    • Transportation to a designated COVID-19 isolation facility

  • Isolation Facilities

    • Designated Isolation Facilities to provide care for individuals awaiting COVID-19 test results, individuals who are COVID-19 positive and individuals who have been identified as a close contact

  • RAPID COVID-19 Clinics

    • Asymptomatic Rapid Antigen Screening Clinics can be provided at your workplace
    • Adds another layer of protection to employees and is used to reduce the chance of outbreaks and control the spread of COVID-19
    • Presumptive positives results are managed following all Public Health legal requirements