Emergency Medical Division

Our team of experts delivers peace of mind by providing 24-hour Emergency Medical Services to keep your team safe.  As experts in occupational health and safety, we have established a dedicated Emergency Medical Division.  Our multidisciplinary team of professionals is uniquely prepared to respond quickly and calmly to the most challenging crises, locally and in remote locations.

We provide professional, full-service emergency medical services from early detection and reporting, to rapid response and on-scene care, to patient transfer by ambulance.  Our Emergency Medical Teams are skilled and prepared to respond should a major incident occur.

We take pride in establishing the most qualified Emergency Medical Teams in the industry, complete with:

  • Advanced Care Paramedics (ACP)
  • Primary Care Paramedics (PCP)
  • Emergency Medical Responders (EMR)
  • Registered Nurses (RN) or Occupational Health Nurses (OHN)

We have invested in industry-leading equipment to ensure the safest and highest standard of care is provided to your employees.  Our Emergency Medical Teams have access to ambulances and Argos, First Aid and Medical Trailers, as well as onsite and Mobile Treatment Centres.