Our Founder and Director, Kristi Hines, Receives a Certificate of Appreciation from the Wood Buffalo RCMP Detachment

“Please accept this letter of appreciation for the outstanding service you have provided to the Wood Buffalo RCMP. We truly appreciate the time you reserved for us, in order to share your knowledge and expertise in the evolving topic of Marijuana in the Workplace. We are very pleased with the knowledge and skills you share with us. The work you are doing within the community is greatly appreciated. I thank you for a commendable job.”

Thank you to Inspector Stebenne and Corporal Deobald for inviting me to present to the RCMP on Marijuana in the Workplace.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Honorary Recognition for Hines Health Services

Honorary Recognition for Hines Health Services

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We are health professionals with extensive occupational health experience and can provide a complete occupational health program for your company or individual services.

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