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Be ready for changes coming in the Summer of 2018 related to the legalization of cannabis, and find out how it may impact your workplace with up-to-date, relevant,and actionable training that ensures your company and your employees are protected.
This 4-hour training program takes an in-depth look at what the legislation changes mean for you and your company, how you can prepare for it, and the steps you need to take in order to recognize and manage reasonable suspicion in the workplace.

Each 4-Hour Training Session Includes:

• Facts about recreational/medicinal cannabis use in Canada today

• Facts about Canada’s current workforce and what that looks like for your company

• What you need to know about Bill C-45 and the changes being made

• Employer responsibilities related to these changes and how you can prepare for them

• Impairment indicators and how to prepare your employees for recognizing impairment

• Fit for Duty update protocols and what to include in your Fit for Duty policy related to the legalization of cannabis in Canada

• Communicating changes and updates throughout your organization

• Reasonable Suspicion Protocols and how to conduct thorough investigation and documentation of possible impairments in your workplace

• What to do if an accident or injury occurs in your workplace

• Support, treatment, accommodation, and termination rules for impairment in the workplace

• Tips for reducing risk of impairment in the workplace

• Plus, group activities that leave you feeling prepared to take on the responsibility of updating your Fit for Duty policy and initiation reasonable suspicion protocols should the need arise


• Professional, in-person access to a trained Occupational Health Nurse and professional trainer

• A chance to ask questions and have your concerns address about cannabis in the workplace

• Takeaway checklists to help you get started in making changes and managing impairment in the workplace and more!

We are health professionals with extensive occupational health experience and can provide a complete occupational health program for your company or individual services.

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