Medical Staffing

Hines Health Services offers practical solutions to the existing healthcare recruitment challenge.

Medical roles are some of the hardest to fill, especially in today’s market with an increasing demand for Licensed Health Care Professionals such as Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Health Care Aids. We have broad experience and a track record of success in filling medical staff vacancies throughout Alberta and across Canada.

We provide complete medical staffing solutions that are unique to each client’s needs. We work with our clients to forecast their medical staffing requirements and provide them with the most qualified candidates in the industry.

We do medical placements in large cities, as well as in rural and remote communities where staffing resources are particularly limited.

Our staff are medical professionals themselves, so we know how to source and recruit health care workers from across the country. We understand the complexities of medical roles and what candidates must bring to an organization to be successful. We have placed medical staff at some of the largest oil producers and health care delivery organizations in Canada.

Our comprehensive medical staffing services includes sourcing, recruiting, screening, hiring, credentialing, and onboarding candidates. We also offer supplementary training to ensure that the candidates we place are the most trained in the sector.

To learn more about our complete Medical Staffing Services, please contact us at or call 780-790-6909.