2022 Q4 Newsletter

2022 Q4 Newsletter

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New Signage

Exciting news: The Hines Health Services office has had a transformation! We’ve recently received our new signage, and as you can see, it looks great!
We’re delighted to be settling into our new space and invite you all to come and see what we’ve done!

AHS Partnership

HHS is proud to be extending our partnership with Alberta Health Services in 2023 to continue recruiting and providing opportunities to Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Health Care Aides, Nurse Managers, Mental Health Therapists and Respiratory Therapists in many regions of AB.

If you know someone who is interested, please have them contact recruitment@hineshealth.ca.

Hines Health Services is Recruiting

Position: Registered Nurse/Occupational Health Nurse
Location: Hines Health Services Headquarters
Department: Clinic
FTE: Part-time
Contact: tracey@hineshealth.ca

Position: Registered Nurse/Emergency Response Nurse
Location: Syncrude
Department: Health Centre
FTE: Full-time
Contact: kristi@hineshealth.ca


A New Focus on Employee Disconnect
Due to the restrictions and social distancing rules enforced by government bodies during the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations have had no choice but to function online, meaning employees have had to literally take their work home. This “new normal” of working from home, an option which has continued for many individuals post-pandemic, has blurred the boundaries between at work and not at work, and therefore largely diminished the ability to disconnect from work at the end of the day. As the world has transitioned to hybrid and remote styles its crucial for management teams to understand the importance of employee disconnect from work and the implementation of boundary management strategies. 
Read our recent blog about the importance of psychological disconnect from work here.


Hines Health Services Sponsors the Lifetime Achievement Award

At Hines Health Services, we continue to strive to make our community a great place to live and work and we want to celebrate the contributions of others who do the same. We were the proud sponsors of the Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce at their Business Awards Celebration. This award recognizes business leaders who have made notable contributions to the community throughout their careers.

This year’s winner is Dave Tuccaro, founder, president and CEO of Tuccaro Group of Companies which provides essential support services to the energy industry of Fort McMurray. However, alongside this, Dave ensures his time is also spent supporting his community:

  • Dave is an Aboriginal entrepreneur who spends much of his time speaking on and promoting the value of Indigenous businesses to business owners in multiple industries across the country.
  • The Tuccaro Group regularly and generously donates or sponsors events at Keyano College, the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre, NAABA and various charities or causes for children.
  • Dave has sat on the Board of the Regional Health Authority, the Alberta Chamber of Resources and has been Board Chair of Inspire, the National Task Force on Aboriginal Development Financing.
  • Dave has also contributed as a member of the National Task Force on Oilsands Strategies.

We extend our congratulations to Dave and his team at Tuccaro and are proud to continue to support the recognition of those who help our community grow and evolve.


Soon you will see our billboard outside of the Earls on Morrison Street, facing Highway 63, in Fort McMurray. Hines Health Services partnered with Earls during the pandemic to help support the location and keep the community safe by setting up a pop-up screening site. Hines Health Services continues to offer an array of services to address COVID-19 to help you and your organization combat the COVID-19 pandemic. With employee health and safety at the forefront, we’re here to provide flexible COVID-19 services at our clinic and at your workplace.

Santa Claus Parade

On Main Street, a sensory-friendly parade experience took place. Lights were dimmed, music and sirens were stopped, and the parade continued quietly ending at Clearwater Drive.

Hats off to RMWB for including a sensory-friendly experience that promotes inclusion and fun for all!

Health and Wellness Programs

Hines Health Services remains dedicated to supporting individuals in health care. HHS is playing an integral role in launching a new program that focuses on promoting health and wellness for health professionals such as nurses, paramedics and firefighters. The program includes oncology screening, mental health screening (such as PTSD screening) and carcinogenic substance education. If you are interested in launching a health and wellness program at your company, contact us via appointments@hineshealth.ca or call Toll Free: 1-844-893-6909, Office: 780-790-6909.

Fort McMurray to Tucson – Showing Our Support

Hines Health Services is celebrating 10 years in business and our resiliency, adaptability, and ability to scale to 250 employees through the COVID-19 pandemic. What better way to do this than to support the Fort McMurray Airport Authorities inaugural flight to Tucson. The Fort McMurray Airport Authority is a not-for-profit capital corporation who provides a variety of opportunities to Fort McMurray from critical transportation to commercial land leasing opportunities. Non-stop flights are now available from Fort McMurray to Tucson.

Find out more!


Hines Health Services continues to increase our e-commerce platform. We now have a Drug Impairment Awareness Presentation available for purchase on our website! Follow the link below to view a description of the presentation.

Click here!


HHS remains here to serve Fort McMurray and the surrounding regions by striving to be a leader in occupational health.

From our family at Hines Health Services to yours, Happy Holidays!

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