Injury Management Services

Injury Management Services

As leaders in Occupational Health and Safety, we are dedicated to fostering safe and healthy work environments for our clients. We understand the importance of having fit for duty employees to get the job done right. We know that having your team working at their optimized capacity is everyone’s goal, and we can help to ensure your team’s Injury Management Services are in the right hands. Schedule your consultation with our Injury Management Experts and give your team the best outcomes.

Injury Management Overview

  • Abilities Management
  • Disability Management Services
  • First Aid Services
  • Fit for Duty Assessments and Management
  • Independent Medical Examination (IME’s)
  • Injury/Illness Reports
  • Modified Work Program Including Limitations
  • Occupational & Non-occupational Assessments
  • Short-term disability claims
  • Return to Work Assessments
  • WCB Claims

Advantages for Employees

  • High-quality metric training with personalized care and monitoring
  • Medical assessments performed and assessed by expert clinicians
  • Focused on the continuum of care including physical health, wellness, maintenance, and recovery)
  • Reduction in risk
  • Reduction in financial losses
  • Improved understanding of recovery and outcomes


Advantages for Employers

  • Assessment and monitoring of industry best practices by
  • Access to clinicians who understand the importance of best practices and occupational principles
  • Positive impact on WCB insurance premiums over time
  • Decrease unnecessary visits to ER and medical treatment
  • Prevent unnecessary disability and lost-time
  • Improve worker compliance with management/treatment plan

The Hines Health Services Advantage

  • Our expanded new location is available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm
  • 24-hour access urgent access available
  • We are locally owned and have a national network of 120 affiliate clinics.  We can help in Fort McMurray and across Canada
  • Licensed Health Care Professionals with decades of oil and gas experience
  • Provision of Disability Management
  • Access to Independent Medical Examinations and third-party diagnostics
  • Out-of-province fitness to work assessments


Hines Health Services follows IHL standards (PDF)

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