Workplace Injury Care Management & First Aid Services

  • HHS Engagement Document

    Our team is informed by industry guidelines and best practices to ensure better patient outcomes. Hines Health Services’ Medical Director is an associate of the Canadian Board of Occupational Medicine and the American Board of Certified Independent Examiners. We work to support your culture of safety through industry-leading innovative and responsive Workplace Injury Management Services.

    Our licensed healthcare providers include Physicians and Occupational Health Nurses, combining formal training with extensive field experience in Occupational Health. Our team is available Monday to Friday with 24-hour access upon request.

    We use data-driven, innovative practices based on the highest industry standards to evaluate functional limitations which assist a safe and prompt return to work for injured employees. We oversee the ongoing care of patients, including arranging specialist referrals and diagnostic testing. Our Medical Director can also complete Independent Medical Examinations.


Hines Health Services was founded on transparency, industry-leading innovation, and a passion for safety in the workplace. These values transfer to our clients in numerous impact-points.

The purpose of this document is to confirm you are seeking to engage Hines Health Services to provide Occupation Health and Safety Services.

The following outlines fees for Workplace Injury Management Services and includes a complete Schedule of Fees is contained within this document.

Workplace Injury Care Management Rates

Injury Management Services (30-minute minimum) $125/hr
Disability Management Services (30-minute minimum) $125/hr
3 hours minimum plus services and supplies as required $105/hr
Clinic Call Out Fee $150
Office Hours (30-minute minimum) $35/hr
After Hours (30-minute minimum) $70/hr
First Aid Treatment Services (30-minute minimum) plus supplies $125/hr
First Aid Supplies Cost + 30%
Independent Medical Examinations (IME) Please Inquire
Physician Medicals (new-hire and periodic) $250
Physician Assessments (WCB and workplace injury care management) $225/30 minutes

No monthly retainer required for physician services

Please complete and submit our account set-up documentation. Upon receipt, the Hines Health Services team will complete the on-boarding process.


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